Copyright © Perpetual Publications 2014. All Rights Reserved. Dear Racing Enthusiast Would you like to Profit from the Knowledge of 12 Wise Men and Women who Last Year Won Millions on the Horses? If you are like me, you love racing but none of us are getting any younger, and what we want is traditional racing products offered to us. My name is Tony Evans and I propose to offer you 3 traditional racing products that my existing loyal clients adore and continue to support. The Lazy Punters Black Book Since we first published The Lazy Punters Black Book® we have intensified our diligent search for winners, we have included more racecourses and expanded our horizons. The Lazy Punters Black Book picks more winners than ever, is more informative and profitable than ever... and in real terms in these cash-strapped times, better value for more than it has ever been. The Sting If the LPBB is not your cup of tea then The Sting might be. You see during my betting career I have nearly always made my money better on all aged handicaps, but Flat and Jumps. However, apart from LPBB, I love betting on 2 year olds... not all 2 year olds and certainly not 2 year old handicaps. You see, 2 year olds are the masters of our racing future and once you understand them, your profits are almost guaranteed provided you know what you are doing. Premier Grand You have heard the saying “the clock does not lie” and in racing once you understand how time works, profits follow. Premier Grand is my racing Subscription Service with 2-3 good bets per week, with a 45% - 50% success rate. Buy Now! Our Flat 2014 version of The Lazy Punters Black Book® is near enough complete, and ready to be sent out! - So order your copy today! - Get Email Updates Subscribe for free today to our mailing list to receive future updates and offers: Contact Us If you would like to make an enquiry or place an order by phone, please contact us: Landline: 0117 947 7700 Office hours 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday Mobile: 0771 1086 152 Available 24/7