Copyright © Perpetual Publications 2014. All Rights Reserved. About Us Perpetual Publications Ltd (Perpetual) is owned by Tony Evans and together have been backing horses, publishing racing material not available elsewhere and educating clients, since 1993. Original clients from 1993 and beyond are still clients because we have products and services that are sustainable. Our Lazy Punters Black Book had offered our clients an opportunity to find horses that would lose prior to the invention of laying and Betfair. Like horse racing itself, nothing stays the same and we have had to evolve alongside racing. Our products are different, as is our approach to all our products. That is we specialise and whilst do not seek to be different, we know our unique approach has enabled us to survive. We offer a common sense approach to business and do not try to be all things to all men. Above all we are honest, realistic and make no false promises and never make excuses. Our portfolio of products and services have in some cases been developed alongside experience racing professionals and or highly educated men with grey hair, whose experience is invaluable. We make no apology for stating we are old fashioned in the way we do business... we are businesslike, offer outstanding customer service and most importantly of all are contactable. We never ever hide behind P.O, rather we are open for business and at all times contactable. We hope you enjoy the difference. Kind regards, Perpetual Team Buy Now! Our Flat 2014 version of The Lazy Punters Black Book® is near enough complete, and ready to be sent out! - So order your copy today! - Get Email Updates Subscribe for free today to our mailing list to receive future updates and offers: Contact Us If you would like to make an enquiry or place an order by phone, please contact us: Landline: 0117 947 7700 Office hours 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday Mobile: 0771 1086 152 Available 24/7