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Progressor Plus
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Progressor Plus As many of you know, we have been broadcasting our Progressor Premier Line on 09077 860 840 for over 20 years. However, today we are launching a brand new, client asked for service. That is clients have asked if they can have a Progressor bets on a 0871 number. Progressor – PLUS, will compliment our premium line The Progressor on 09077 860 840 (£1.53 per minute). So many clients know most days we have a bet on The Progressor, most clients have a mobile, however, to call 09077 860 840 is extremely expensive, unless you can do so from a landline. Therefore Progressor – PLUS has been launched  on a 0871 number, which from mobile costs from 20p to 41p per minute, from a landline from 11p to 15p per minute, plus set up charge. Calls to 09077 860 940 from a landline cost 1.53p per minute and up to 2.50p per minute form a mobile. All costs are taken from ofcom. However, this service will last no more than 2 minutes most days all bet(s) will be given with a brief explanation within 1 minute; followed by any unnecessary explanation. In addition my colleague James will be recording this line some days alongside me. Progressor – PLUS, will give bets from Evens upwards and will never conflict with Premier Grand or Tony Evans O2 Service. The rationale is simple, on at least 3 or 4 days per week we have bets good enough for The Progressor (typical stakes £25) but not up to the required standard for Premier Grand or O2. Please use the side form, and thank you for your subscription. All bets remember are given to typical stakes per bet of £25.