Copyright © Perpetual Publications 2014. All Rights Reserved. The Sting - A Remarkable Method If the LPBB is not your cup of tea then The Sting might be. You see during my betting career I have nearly always made my money by betting in all aged handicaps, both flat and jumps. However, apart from LPBB, I love betting on 2 year olds… not all 2 year olds and certainly not 2 year old handicaps. You see, 2 year olds are the masters of our racing future and once you understand them, your profits are almost guaranteed provided you know what you are doing. If you have bought any racing method before, you will know they have either complicated rules or rules too hard to make money long term. My view is this; in order to successfully follow a method; it has to be simple, logical and easy to identify bets. The facts about The Sting: Concentrates on the right races to win in  Shows which 2 year old races to avoid  Shows you how to identify above average 2 year olds Shows you how by following the rules of The Sting, you will become a better punter in every race you bet in. Lasts a lifetime Includes a "golden rule", that on its own and if applied to any race, will help you avoid losers and have greater confidence with winners. (This "golden rule" is being released for the first time ever in time for the 2014 flat season proper) Occasionally, a negative Black Book Stat for a trainer might help you avoid an obvious Sting loser. How Many Bets? Typically The Sting gives 3 or 4 good bets per week and about 3-4 maximum bets per month, provided you avoid bets running on very very soft or heavy ground. Previous maximum bets have won at all prices from Evens to 7/2. You will not be backing a Sting Bet @ 10/1, which is because The Sting concentrates on horses that are above average and expected to win. Identifying bets is straight forward and without complicated rules. The Sting and The Lazy Punters Black Book Now if you combine The Sting with a trainer who has a positive statistic, from The Lazy Punters Black Book, you are dealing with dynamite… The Sting costs just £99 and as a brand new client, if you order The Sting for the flat, I will give you the jumps version totally free and send the two methods together. Remember The Sting will outline any other method and lasts forever and will work forever… guaranteed! Buy Now! Our Flat 2014 version of The Lazy Punters Black Book® is near enough complete, and ready to be sent out! - So order your copy today! - 3
The Sting
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